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The In-House Program teaches the fundamentals of soccer and encourages skill development and game knowledge.

The main objectives are good sportsmanship, team play, and to have Fun, Fun, Fun!!!  Each child / player is granted EQUAL playing time in all games and scrimmages.  To help players become accustomed to playing every position and to help them understand the game, players will be playing all positions including goalie until they reach the U11 level.  U5 teams do not have goalies.

Fall: September - October     Winter*: January - February      Spring: April - June   

*The Winter season meets once a week and is only open to players first grade and up who have played soccer on a team before. 

Coaches Meetings


Please join CSA's Technical Director Lisa Cole for a introduction to this springs soccer curriculum updates for the u8, u9 and u10 programs. 

Meet the Head Coaches for each age group and thier staff. These leadership teams will be in charge of implementing the new curriculum and working with volunteer coaches.

Take this chance as a parent and potential volunteer coach to view and have influence in the new curriculum. Ask questions and learn more about the CSA Developmental Program.

Feb 6, 2012      7:30 pm     

CSA u8Developmental Program at Mount Nittany Elementary

Head Coach: John Thurley / Mike Weyandt / Dave Miller

Feb 7, 2012      7:30 pm     

CSA u10 Developmental Program  at Park Forest Elementary

Head Coach: Eric Friberg


CSA u9 Developmental Program at Park Forest Elementary

Head Coach: Todd Roth / John Douglas

For more information contact us at info@centresoccer.com

Seating and Spectator Behavior

Spectators and parents are asked to sit on the opposite side of the field from the players.  In U9 and up games, please sit at least six feet back from the sidelines as most games should have linesmen that need this space to do their jobs.

Good sportsmanship is an important part of team playing.  Parents are asked to only cheer on their children and teammates and leave the coaching to the coaches.  Please do not go up and down the sidelines telling players what to do.  Cheer from your side of the sidelines.  We want this to be a fun and positive experience for your child.

Team Parent

Each team is assigned a team parent who has volunteered to set up a snack schedule for your team.  Snacks are part of the U8 and under programs.  U9 and up teams have the option as a team to provide snacks or not to.  Your team parent will discuss this with you at the first practice. 

The team parent will also be asking all players' parents to fill out an EMERGENCY MEDICAL CARD on the first night.  Please fill out both sides and return them.  They are for the coaches to keep for the season.

The team parent will distribute and collect raffle tickets for CSA fundraiser. 


We need of about 125 sponsorships for our In-House Programs each season.  $70.00 per season or $130.00 for two consecutive seasons.

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We are looking for volunteers for coaching, field lining, and team parenting, doing a mailing, helping at registration...

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Want to Referee?

You can become an In-House ref...
Pay is up to $20.00 per game.
Training available

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