Centre Soccer Association

U5 / U6 Clinic

General Information

  • Coaching basics for all age groups.
  • Look like a coach
  • Voice and intro
  • Sun - Cones - Control of group (ball/talking/statues) - Excitement - Names and nicknames
  • ONLY Positive, praise, encourage and notice as much as you can
  • Be willing to change it...don't let coach's ego get in the way.
  • Forget a name?  - Avoid long lines - Like vs Respect - Water Breaks
  • No whistles - No laps
  • Player behavior issues  - “this is difficult-I can’t do it”

U5 / U6 Specific

  • BE READY!!! Attention span is very small.
  • Make a game/race out of everything (water breaks, quiet time) -Be goofy!!! :-)
  • They get bored very quickly (less than a minute)...keep them active
  • Treasure Hunt and scary games story. -Each task must have a "number"...it's their goal. "Can you get 3?" as opposed to "how many can you get"
  • Don't expect too much when they play...focus on individual control and praise it. They have ZERO tactical awareness so don't worry about talking about it.
  • Don’t worry about direct coaching...it’s all indirect through games/stories etc.

Session Focus and Progression


Equipment: pinnies, balls, cones

Area size must be appropriate - use cones (too big = fatigue and less control).


Choose 3 or 4 activities from the curriculum.

If they enjoy a particular exercise keep doing it.

* Activities are ones you should start with.


Let them play!!!

Just watch and encourage.

Throw in a 2nd or 3rd ball.

Don't stop them all the time.

Make sure the field is the correct size

Let them make mistakes (tennis analogy)



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