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U5 / U6 Curriculum

* Is a good choice for an opening game

Body Part Dribble*

In a 15x20 yard space, coach has all players dribble a soccer ball. When coach yells out the name of a body part, players must touch that body part to the ball as quickly as possible. Coach should vary body parts and rate at which he calls out body parts. At times, call out body parts consecutively (hand, nose, elbow) during one stoppage or call out two body parts at once (i.e. both hands or both feet).

Red light/Green light*

All players have a ball and dribble in the same space as above. When coach says “red light”, players must stop ball and put foot on top of ball. When coach says “yellow light”, players must dribble very slowly. When coach says “green light”, players dribble fast. Coach controls this game with frequency of light changes and variety of changes. Once players catch on to this game, add light of other colors and affix different actions to them. (i.e. purple light = hop back and forth over ball, orange light = run around the ball, black light = dance, blue light = hide behind the ball etc. etc.)

Sharks and Minnows

Set up a grid roughly 10yds x 15yds. Have 3-4 players inside the grid acting as sharks. The sharks do not have a soccer ball. The rest of the players (Minnows) start at one end of the grid and when the coach says “Go”, they attempt to dribble their soccer balls to the other end of the grid. The sharks try to kick their soccer balls out of the grid. If a dribbler’s ball goes out of the grid, that player becomes a shark as well. If the minnows reach the other end of the grid with their soccer ball, they wait for the coach’s command and play again. Play continues until all players turn into sharks.

Animal Tag

In a 15x20 yard field, all players except two or three begin with a ball. Players without balls are Animals and must act like that animal and try to tag players. If a player gets tagged, he/she becomes that animal as well until all players are turned into Animals.

Cops and Robbers

Coach sets up 8-10 stand-up cones in a 15yd x 20yd space. Robbers all have soccer balls and knock over the cones (banks) by kicking their balls into the cones and knocking them over. Cops (have 2 or 3 cops for each game) do not have soccer balls and need to stand the cones back up (before all the banks are robbed). Rotate who gets to be cops. Variation 1: (If don’t have stand- up cones): 1⁄2 group (cops) take soccer balls and put on top of disc cones. Other 1⁄2 of group (robbers) try to knock over those soccer balls by kicking their soccer balls at them. Cops must replace the soccer balls on the cones as quickly as possible. If all banks are robbed the game is over and the city needs rebuilding!


Every child dribbles a soccer ball in a 15x20 yard space while trying to tag other players with their hand. Players cannot leave their own ball. Have them keep count of how many people they have tagged and, if playing more than one game, see if players can tag more people than they did in the first game. Version 2: Players must tag other players’ knees.

Hospital tag

Same as tag in that each player dribbles a soccer ball and that they try to tag each other with their hands. In this game, each time a player is tagged he/she must place their hand on the spot on their body where they were tagged. Obviously, if tagged a third time, players have no more hands to cover those spots, so they most go to the hospital to see the doctor. The coach acts as the doctor and performs a magical task (pretend) to heal the injuries of all the little soccer players so they can continue playing the game.

Get “Outta” There

Place two small (2 yard) goals at the end of a field 15 x 10 yards. The coach stands at the halfway line with all of the soccer balls. Half of the players are lined upon his left side and half of the players are lined up on his right side in different colored bibs. When the coach kicks a ball onto the field, the first player in each line runs out and tries to score on their opponent’s goal. If the ball goes in the goal or out of bounds, the coach yells “get outta there” and plays a new ball into the field immediately for the next two players. Variation 1: Coach can stop yelling “get outta there” and see if the 1st players in each line recognize that they should begin play when a new ball is kicked into the field. Variation 2: Coach can vary service of ball. Sometimes play it to one player, sometimes toss the ball up in the air. Variation 3: If the Coach calls out the number “TWO” before he/she kicks a ball on the field, the first 2 players in each line enter the field and play as a team of 2 against each other.

Freeze Tag

Everyone has a ball and coach can pick one or two players who are the Freeze monsters. Freeze monsters (with ball) try and dribble around and tag other players (who also have a ball and are dribbling around). The frozen player must stand still holding their ball over their head. Players can become unfrozen if the coach comes over and unfreezes them OR the coach can have the other players unfreeze each other (by simply touching them again). If all players are frozen, game ends and the coach can have new Freeze monsters.

Capture the Balls

Using a 15x20 yard space, set up three or four “home bases” (squares) with cones roughly 2-3 yards wide. Break up the players into teams and have each team get together in their home base. Place all the balls in the center of the space between the home bases. On the coach’s command the teams are free to gather as many soccer balls as they can into their home base. Players cannot use hands and there is no pushing each other or sitting/laying on the balls. Teams try to gather as many balls as possible into their home bases. Teams can steal balls from each others’ home bases. Coach calls time and counts up how many balls are in each base to determine a winner. Coach allows team 1 minute to make up a new team strategy before playing again.

British Bulldog*

In a 15x20 yard field, each player with a ball. Players try to dribble from one end of the field to the other, all at once, without the “bulldog” kicking their ball out of the field. Coach begins the game as the bulldog. Once players ball is kicked out of the field, they become a bulldog with the coach. Players who reach the other end of the field without having the ball kicked out wait for everyone to collect either as a bulldog or dribbler before game restarts. Variation 2: If players keep their ball close to them, the coach “bulldog” can’t kick their ball out.

Paint the Field*

Every player dribbles their ball in the 15x20 yard field. You explain to them that their ball is actually a paintbrush and wherever it rolls on the ground, it paints that area. The task is to paint as much of the area as possible in the time allotted by dribbling their soccer balls all over the grid.

Variation 1: Can ask them to paint with only their left foot, then their right foot.


Set up many pairs of cones (with roughly 2 yards in between pairs) all around the 15x20 yard area. These pairs serve as gates or many mini-goals. Players each have a ball and must dribble through the gate in order to score. Have players count how many goals they score in 30 seconds and when playing a second time ask them if they can beat their score by one goal. Coaches can vary this by asking players to
dribble with left foot or right foot. If players end up dribbling back and forth through only one goal, set up a rule to protect against this.

Follow the Leader*

Coach dribbles with a trail of players following. Coach can: stop, change directions, feint, scissors, step-over, left foot-right foot, change speed, play body ball.

Knock Down the Castle

15x20 yard area and set up 5 or 6 cones at either end of it. Divide into 2 teams, each player with a ball. Players attempt to knock over the other team’s cones (castles). First team to knock down all cones wins. Variation: Each team has 3 or 4 balls as opposed to a ball each.

The English Channel

15x20 yard area. 2 Teams. One in France and one in England. Players stay behind the line of cones on the edge of the area (on land). In the middle is the channel with a ball in it (a bomb). Players from each country have to pass their ball to hit the bomb so that it lands on the other country. Only when all balls are in the channel can players go and retrieve their ball.

What’s the time Mr. Wolf?

15x20 yard area. Coach turns his/her back on the players who are standing behind a line with their ball. The coach walks away from the players who creep forward asking “what’s the time Mr. Wolf”. Coach will call out a time. If coach calls “dinner time” the coach will turn and chase kids back to the safety.


15x20 yard area. Very simply the players dribble around until the coach calls “freeze”. At that point players must be a statue...no moving, twitching or giggling. Can you make them laugh?

Simon Says*

5x20 yard area. Players face coach and coach calls out commands. Only when coach calls “simon says” will the players copy. Skills can be: Rolling foot over the ball, toe taps, side shuffles, body parts, juggles, body skills.

Spiders Web

Set out a 20 x 20 yard area. The coach stands on one end line with his back to the players. The players are spread along the opposite endline. Place all the balls behind the coach. The players creep up to the coach, collect a soccer ball and dribble back to the start line. The coach chases the players back to the start line. Any player that is tagged joins the coach as a spider on the far end line.

Treasure Hunt

20 x 20 yard area. Throw as many discs as you can out into your area. Players (with a ball) can go on a “treasure hunt” to find the discs and bring them back to coach. Variation: the players must wear their treasure.

Spelling Bee*

Can a player with their ball spell their name with it? Can you spell it with your left foot. How fast can you do it? Variation: Coach can call out words to be spelled and it’s a race to spell them.

Soda Fountain/Food Court*

15x15 yard area. Players have a ball each inside the square. Coach assigns each side of the square with a food (Pizza, Fries, etc). Players dribble to the side of the food court when coach calls out the food. You can also assign drinks in the soda fountain version.

Catch the Pigeon*

Set out cones 10 yards apart in two parallel lines. Place 1 player at each cone. Assign numbers to each pair of players (they will be opposite each other). Coach has all the balls. Play a ball (pigeon) in-between each set of players and call out a number. Players must play 1v1 and try and dribble their ball back to their cone (cage) and put their foot on it. The lines of players can be teams and count up how many pigeons your team can catch. Multiple balls can be going at once. Variation 1: Players all start in a bigger cage and bring the ball back their instead. Call out multiple numbers for 1 ball and play 2v2, or 3v3. This can also be done where players play 1v1 and try and score on a goal.


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